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Me voila alors que je n'avais que 3 ans.
Je tirais un peu la tronche...
Here I am when I was 3 years old.
I wasn't really happy..

Je suis a gauche.J'avais 17 ans.
A droite un de mes 34 neveux Aiad!!.

I'm on the left.I was 17 years old.
On the right,this is on of my 34 nephew Aiad!!

Photo prise lors du Gala 97 de l'ENIT.
Je suis tout a fais a droite debout
Tous les autres sont des copains de promos

This picture has been taken during the Gala 97 of ENIT.
I'm completely on the right.
All the other people were studying with me.

A suivre...
To be continued...

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